Thursday, January 27, 2011

Support San Francisco Urban Agriculture

If you haven't heard, San Francisco is changing its zoning laws to permit gardens in all areas of the city and to allow sales of produce from those gardens. Yay! This is really exciting stuff. But we still need your help. The San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance is supportive of the proposal with the exception of three little niggles: the requirement of fancy fencing for gardens (fancy fencing costs bucks, big bucks), the "change of use" permit fees that would incur if someone were to say put a commercial growing operation in a residential neighborhood like Little City Gardens has done (again, could be costly and involve all kinds of convoluted conversations with the planning department - we want to promote urban ag, not scare folks away), and the prohibition of selling value-added goods (what can we say, jams and preserves are all the rage these days and a little extra moola could turn a business that is just covering costs into one that is profitable). You can find more information, including the proposal itself, here.

There are three ways you can show your support.

1. Sign the online petition!

2. Send a letter to the planning commissioners.

3. Join us at the public hearing on Thursday, February 17th (1:30 p.m. at City Hall)

Thank you everyone for supporting urban farming!

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