Thursday, January 13, 2011


Guess how I spent the better part of my morning? Tracking down neon green rat turds in the animal pen so that the chickens wouldn't accidentally peck at poison poo. Damn, there were a lot of them. This is going to be a messy five days.

Makes me fantasize about buying this pellet gun, called the Whisper, for the hubby's Valentine's gift. How romantic. We could sit in the backyard like a couple grits, me with the blow dart gun and hubby with his air rifle (My awesome urban farming friend Rachel over at Dog Island Farm informed me that pellet guns are not considered firearms because they don't use gunpowder. Shows you how much I know about weapons.), enjoying a quiet evening taking out rats as they skitter across the fence.

"Did yeh git that one, honey?"

"I shore as shit did!"

Too bad both weapons are  illegal to possess in San Francisco. Just when I thought I could bring a little romance back into my life

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  1. Leave it to San Francisco to outlaw the Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun. Dangnabbit! I'm surprised that you can't even OWN one. That's utterly ridiculous. At least we can own one, we just can't fire it. Our pellet gun, btw, is louder than a .22 so we really can't fire it.

  2. You need to get a cat! We had a horrible rat problem until we got the cats. They don't actually catch many, but I think their scent keeps the rats away. They still live in the neighbors palm tree, but don't come into our house or garden anymore. Best of luck with your hunting.

  3. You can't even HAVE one?? Wow. The differences between Phoenix and SF... we can bring assault rifles into bars (though, technically, I think it's against the law to drink alcohol at a bar if you are carrying a firearm...)
    Good luck with those rats!