Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fond Remembrances

Is it possible to be nostalgic for events that transpired merely a month ago? I just received a disc of photos in the mail from a local photographer, Lori Eanes, who came out to snap some shots of the farm last month. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, they capture the last few days that I had with the baby goats. My heartstrings are feeling a serious tug at this moment. Sniff sniff.


  1. Cool. Loving the new layout too Heidi.

  2. ha, ha, that photo of the little billy goat still makes me laugh..
    thank you so much for letting me photo your farm...

  3. I know Lori Eanes! She shot some pix of me a long time ago. I looked almost as nice as your goats ; )

  4. I love goats. I hope we can include them in our food/ dairy production in the next couple of years.

    Thanks for sharing!