Friday, August 27, 2010

The Waiting

As any woman who has ever given birth knows, it's that end part of the pregnancy, fraught with anticipation and anxiety, that really sucks. Most likely, Lucy doesn't even know she's pregnant so I'm the one doing all the worrying. She is officially two days past her due date and I am on pins and needles wondering when those babies are going to decide to show up. I check on her every two hours to see if she's showing any signs like bleating, agitation, stamping, a straightening of the back near the tail (the babies are certainly on their way out when you see that), or a hollowing out of the flanks. Nothing yet.

I think I've got everything in order: the birth kit packed with towels, iodine, and pain meds in case she has a difficult labor, a birth plan for the 5% chance that something goes awry, a doula, my lovely friend Monica from Ireland, who is experienced in helping birth lambs, and a professional photographer, Naomi Fiss, another dear friend. That should cover it. The only hitch would be if Lucy goes into labor tomorrow when I will be presenting at the Eat Real Festival. That would be very bad timing.

Do you think she needs a sign saying, "Caution, wide load."?

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  1. Ohhh, I remember feeling the way she looks just before I birthed my 10 pound girl! I hope she holds out for you to get home. Can't wait to see the birth photos!! Blessings!

  2. Murphy's Law is quite clear in these matters. I sincerely hope she won't deliver while you're away, but...