Friday, June 17, 2011

Congratulations Ginger!

Remember Lucy's kid, Ginger?

Photo courtesy of Lori Eanes

She had babies! For a month now I have been fretting about her giving birth, being so young and all, and the fact that no question about it, they were her brother's babies. According to my calculations, 150 days from when she left our farm, Ginger should have kidded on May 21st. Well that date came and went and Ginger continued to be a walking giant belly, as per news via Pam, Ginger's new owner. As the days passed, I became more and more concerned, especially after she had gone over 160 days. No one has ever heard of a goat going past 160 days.

Poor Pam, I emailed her every couple of days demanding to know where the babies were, quizzing her on Ginger's health, and pawning off all my anxieties by asking a million questions about her preparations for the impending kidding. You would think that Ginger was still my goat! Obviously, I continue to struggle with letting go. Ginger and Fred were Itty Bitty's first kids and I will always have a very special place in my heart for those two.

Finally, at day 170, after being in labor for three days, Ginger gave birth to a boy and girl. Do you know what that means? The chastity chonies worked! Ginger must have gotten pregnant during her next heat cycle after she left Itty Bitty. 170 days is an impossibility. Lesson learned? Never underestimate the power of a good pair of underwear.

To read all about the birth and see pictures, go to Peaceful Valley Farm Blog. I am so happy for Pam and Ginger. The kids are terribly cute. One of the babies looks exactly like her grandma.

What about Fred? I hear tell that he is being housed with Pam's new pig. Apparently, Fred attempts to headbutt the pig and the pig just plows him over like a bulldozer. I think they are making great friends. They already like the same games.


  1. Ha ha, that's so cute about Fred. Off to check out the other blog. Have a great weekend!