Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rain, Rain...

Dare I say "go away"? Well, little Lucy wants to play. Look at this terribly sad face.

Poor girl has been perched on top of her milk stand for weeks. I can't blame her with the slurry of manure and hay under hoof that's as squishy as a sopping wet sponge. Doesn't smell that great either.

In October, the Disgruntled Farmhand installed a corrugated clear roof over a section of the animal pen in hopes of keeping things drier than they were last year, but with all the rain so far this season it's just not enough. So I've moved the goats to higher ground. They've been able to find a little more shelter in the half finished greenhouse/playhouse. It at least has a sizable roof, and it sure beats the bog that the poor chickens are swimming around in.

I think all the dampness has given Ginger a cough. We'll have to keep an eye on that. Ethel struggled all last winter with the hacking and wheezing. Tis the season.

While the goats are temporarily relocated, I'm going to replace the hay with bark chips and put a French drain in the animal area. Hopefully this will cut down on the swampiness around here. Anyone want to learn how to dig a French drain? You're more than welcome to join me.

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  1. Lucy is so cute but I feel bad for her and the chickens. Hope it dries up a bit.