Monday, May 25, 2009

Peep Peep, Hooray!

After a solid year of chattering non-stop about chickens, I bet many of you thought they would never arrive. Oh ye of little faith. We so got those chickens and they're in our semi landscaped, fenceless backyard right this very second. Don't believe me? Stop by for a visit and meet our lovely ladies for yourself. Don't live close enough? No problem. Check out these chick pics!

Here is Ute's hen, Pearl Karina. She's a Cuckoo Maran who will look much more beautiful when she is full grown. And she comes with the extra perk of laying "chocolate" colored eggs.

My lady, the biggest of the clutch, is a Welsummer and will also lay dark brown eggs. I call her Miss Lorraine.

And finally, here's the whiniest of the chickadees, Esteban's baby Broccoli. She's a Houdan, has five toes, and will grow up to be quite a looker with that tussle of feathers on her head. If you ever wondered what Esteban's hair looks like in the morning, take a gander.

We had planned to get the chickens at 10-12 weeks, but when Ute and I ventured up to the Chicken Queen's Poultry Palace in Cotati, she only had wee peeps in the breeds we were looking for. Thank goodness we've got a 4-sided coop and a warm light now that we've moved into our dismal, cold San Francisco summer.


  1. I'm very fond of the Esteban look alike chicken. Zoe and I are hoping for a visit in the near future. Once your egg laying farm gets underway, maybe we can pitch in some chicken feed for some eggs, eh? We'll bring the tortoise over for a play date.

    Oh, and when I asked Zoe where she wanted the next play date to be she said (and I quote) "I want Ute to come here. Once they get goats it's just too crazy over there."


  2. Looking forward to a fall visit to see the ladies!

  3. Never doubted it for a moment! Ute is a lucky girl to live on an "itty bitty farm."