Monday, May 23, 2011

Reviewing the Reads: The Wisdom of the Radish

Another book that was sent my way to have a look at is the memoir by greenhorn farmer Lynda Hopkins, The Wisdom of the Radish: And Other Lessons Learned on a Small Farm. If you've ever wondered what it might be like to drop out of the rat race and try your hand at growing food, raising chickens, and milking goats for a living, this is a not to be missed book.But even if you are only remotely curious about what it takes to become a farmer in this day and age, you'll still want to have a gander. Lynda brings the reader on her hilarious and trying journey from her San Diego suburbanite, M.A. in journalism, which-end-of-the-potato-is-up background to full fledged, honest to god, selling-at-a-Northern-California-farmers-market farmer. The bumps and mishaps this twenty-something year old and her partner in crime boyfriend experience along the way feel like the universal, wet behind the ears beginnings to any new adventure. Her ability to discuss some of the more political and technical aspects of farming with humor and an engaging writing style keep the reader informed as well as entertained. Lynda is a young, funny, beautiful (there's a picture of her on the front cover), intelligent, and talented writer. I would hate her if she wasn't so gosh darn charming and sweet (you know how you can just tell someone is a truly nice person and not faking it just because they wrote the book?)! And I can't help but admire her persistent personality seemingly willing to plow through any hardship. I'm sure part of the reason I like the book so much is that she reminds me of a younger (and more talented) version of myself. She even has had several traumatic chicken incidents. I can hardly believe that there is someone out there that has had it worse, but it looks like Lynda may have topped even me on this one. After you read the book, you can continue to follow her adventures on her blog.

Just so you know, I didn't give this book a good review because it was given to me and Ms. Hopkins is not a friend. I have no desire to clutter up my house with crappy memoirs, even if they do pertain to things I am interested in. I was honestly charmed by this book, laughed out loud on several occasions, and learned a few things to boot. I call that a good read.

As for last week's giveaway, the winner is  #4, brittabelle. Please email me your address so that I can mail it to you.


  1. She has a couple of posts on her blog about letters she sent to Jon Stewart. They are a MUST-READ because they are so hilarious. They were the reason I just had to pre-order her book.

  2. Putting this on my never-ending list...thanks for the recommend!

  3. My friend, you have written a very enlightening and entertaining review, and you made me smile, too.