Thursday, August 5, 2010

Urban Farm Camp

My dear friend's 14 year old daughter, Ursula, is here for the week for farm camp. Actually, it's a little vacation before she starts high school so I'm going easy on her as far as work goes. She so lucked out on that one because I was seriously considering having her shovel chicken shit. Ah, she'll have to do enough of that in high school.

So far we have done the daily feeding chores, baked an apple pie with the neighbor's apples, baked bread, composted a raised bed, and planted some seeds. At the end of the week she will be writing a post on her camp experience. Look for it in the next couple days. Would you send your kid to urban farm camp?

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  1. Totally read the post as "Urban Farm CRAP" - and was thinking I was going to read a rant about something gone terribly wrong. Glad to see I was wrong - sounds like a cool idea :-) We've often talked about once we have our farm and it's up and running that we'd invite others to see what it is like. Good luck!

  2. I would if he didn't already live it! and hate it! He's already proclaimed that he doesn't want to be a farmer. I'm hoping when he's older he'll change his mind.

  3. Ouch! My poor children live it every day. That's what you get when you live in town but dad has a 2 acre market garden and mom grows garden seed to sell.

    In reality it is so good for them! I can see in my older kids (21,19,16) that working with mom and dad and learning all these skills is very valuable. They can also work their peers into the ground :o)

    Their lives are so much more interesting than tv, malls, and texting!