Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy Carrot Pickles

Wow! We're finally harvesting the carrots that we planted last October (or was it November?). Success! They are not as big as I would have hoped, but they're a respectable enough size. Since we are getting loads of carrots from our CSA, one of the gals that comes to hang out with me on the farm once a week, Vanessa, suggested pickling them.

We found this recipe from David Lebovitz, a former San Francisco chef cum food writer now living in Paris full time. I've gotten all of my best pickle recipes from him. He's the bomb. I love him. Seriously. And for all you travelers out there, check out his tips for dining out in France, a must read for anyone not wanting to piss off a French waiter, which I have done on more than one occasion and don't recommend.

Vanessa and I whipped up two batches, one seasoned with dill seeds and the other fennel seeds. I like them both equally. The husband told me that these were hands down the yummiest thing I had preserved so far. Thanks hubby. They took us a total of 15 minutes to prepare. Gotta love that kind of preserving: low input, big reward.

Vanessa gleefully chopping the carrots. That might be a little too much glee with that knife.

Blanched carrots soaking in vinegar mix.

The finished product.


  1. add them to tortilla chips and I'll bring the Mariachi.

  2. Hello. Thanks for the recipe. I just listened to your podcast interview on goats on the Backyard Ecosystem site. Very helpful! I am trying to plan the layout of my own urban farm. We are starting with chickens but goats are in the plans maybe in a year. It would be such a HUGE help if you could share more about your animal area. Since I am trying to plan where the coop should go and such. If you have time could you explain your own farm layout? Or have you in another post? Thanks so much for sharing your farm journey online!

  3. I am so making these! Thank you, as always, for sharing!
    ps: I felt the baby kick yesterday...does that mean we're close?

  4. oh my gosh, she really is preggers! She should be due somewhere around May 21st, but my calculations could be somewhat off. Keep an eye on her and let me know when it happens!

  5. Can't wait to pickle my carrots using this recipe. Thanks! I would also love to read anything you write about goats.