Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guest Blog : A wee Irish lass is farm sittin' this week.

Top of the morning everyone,

Luna (black cat) has crept a tad closer on the bed, -within purrfect patting reach, to start our day with a gentle purr. No husband, no child, only animals..I’m liking this wordless space!..well....for now at leaast..
Fearing the Irish tea on this wee farm, might just not meet my regular fix at 7:30 am, I take on milking Lucy cold turkey!  Wellies, raincoat, rubs, tubing, jars, feed, wipes, “white” tray..I feel like I’m off to perform some grand operation.  Mind you, I need some milk for my cereal, so here we go, ….spread em!! Well, whaddya know?   A piece of _ _ _ _!  CAKE!.. seriously, she’s a pet.  The kids (ungulated ones!) got to have their cereal and milk thereafter, so one big happy farm thus far. And you know what? The tea is grand, some good brown bread with homemade marmalade, and she even has Kerrygold Irish butter.  No eggs, come on now girls.. we'll have to have a wee cluck later, girl-2-girl. This house is amazing, the supplies are endless in a household of glass labeled jars, from grains to goodies!. Hmmmm. I should weigh in and out of here!

A great day was had overall, Mr. Tink mind you, did a tinkle of another kind with excitement when I came back to the hse. at one point... Mr. Tink! Control your excitement. Bunny plenty hydrated as that is the job of wee Hugh Peter after school…so much so was the interest that she got a few nostril-loads by surprise, I didn’t know bunnies made such a high-pitched wee sneeze!..  Bless you..and all about you, Good night from itty bitty.  BTW, me husband is coming over early in the am to milk Lucy (he’s not to know about the “equipment”). Let’s see how the v. experienced Monaghan farmer get’s on!  Maybe he’s back at the hse. and getting some practice in tonight! 


  1. And I'm thankin' the wee Irish lass for farm-sittin' because it affords us a wee bit of precious time with family!

  2. Love it! Thanks Wee Irish Lass!